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    Turner's Classic Movie Channel puts on some really good old flicks. Today we watched the 1968 classic, "Bullit", with Steve McQueen. Saw it in '69, when I got out of the Navy. Back then it was one of my favorites; with THE epic car chase (for that time period) between McQueen's Mustang and the sleek '68 Dodge Charger, with it's 400 cu hemi! Lucky to get 6 or 7 mpg with those 'good ole' boys' back then. Grinning1

    And back then I thought - wow! - this is an incredible movie! What action! Today when I viewed it I was quite disappointed. Not as "fast & furious" as I had recalled. Very slow story line. Not much real "acting" per say. Good stuff, regardless. I guess it was and will forever be, a true motion picture classic.

    I even saw my ole' '65 Ford Galaxie 500 - with a 350 V8 and 4 bbl. Holley carb. Great old cars and many of them. Hope some of you had an opportunity to see it again today. A good day to watch a movie! Smile1