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Guardian Care, Columbia Gas of Mass?

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  • Guardian Care, Columbia Gas of Mass?

    Have any of you signed up and used this plan for you furnace or boiler? If so what has your experience been? Good, bad, indifferent?

    It costs $14.57 a month added to your gas bill. Seems like they cover a lot of things that could break. 24/365 emergency service. Parts and labor up to $1500 per year.

    My forced hot air gas fired system is 20 years old. I'm thinking it's almost time to replace but as we may be selling the homestead I hate like hell to jump for 5 to 7 large it would cost to replace. I'm thinking this may be something for me.

    Any input appreciated. Thanks1
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    Ok Toad, I am in the heating and air conditioning trade. I have talked with alots of people an customers about gaurdian care. If ou have it and your furnace does break down and need service this plan from columbia is worth it for someone with an old heating system. 150 per year for the peace of mind is not bad. Most heating systems hit a major break down period around 20 years old. This is when your heating system can start to knickle and dime you to death. For those who have a newer system it is not worth it cause your reliability is greater, and if you do have a break down or two with in the frist 10 to 20 years you will still be ahead of the for just paying for those service calls.
    The more important thing you have to take into consideration though is when and if your system does break down, and you have to call columbia gas will they have the parts you need with them. Everyone knows furnaces always break down at either at night or on the weekend.
    Also Taod call me if you need a new system put in, I will give you a much better price than a company can. Ron 413-244-1501


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      Thanks for the info Ron. I hear ya on the 20 year mark which is why I was thinking of picking up the insurance.

      Will keep you in mind if I decide to replace the system. It a matter of whether I move out or decide to stay in Mass.

      Good man to know....thanks.
      The Difference Between Stupidity and Genius Is That Genius Has Its Limits


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        yep work in a boiler room problems alway happen at 2 am in the morning on a sunday never durning the middle of the day on a wednesday.

        IN fct one of the Ques on my writen exam was it is 2 am in the morning and the idle boilers high water alarm just went off you lowered it 2 hours later it went off a agin give three reasons why it went off.