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central mass trout stocking

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  • central mass trout stocking

    trout waters stocked this week according to the worcester T@G
    Athol-Silver Lake
    Brookfield-South pond
    Douglas-Wallum Lake
    Hubbardston-Comet Pond
    Lancaster-Fort Pond
    Lunenburg-Whalom Lake
    Petersham-Connors Pond (my favorite)
    Rutland-Demond Pond,Long Pond,Whitehall Pond
    Spencer-Browning Pond
    Sturbridge- Big Alum Pond
    Worcester- Quinsig

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    Thanks Scotty.
    This was posted on the Ma wildlife page this morning for all you in the Connnecticut Valley District;
    Trout Stocking Schedule

    Connecticut Valley District
    Spring stocking begins in mid-late March depending on snow, ice, flood levels and water chemistry conditions. Stocking reports are updated each Friday to note what water bodies were plannned for stocking in the previous weekdays. Stocking in spring is generally completed by Memorial Day Weekend.
    Spring trout stocking will begin the week of March 23, 2009 in this district.
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      Funny, they stocked Wallum, but you can't fish it till April 11th because it falls under Rhode Island laws. The fish they did stock were your basic stoked bow, 12-14 inches. they put 400 in.


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        I'm surprised they put trout in Whitehall. It's not a trout pond in my opinion and Demond has very little public access and an even crappier launch facility if you can call a dirt path next to the spillway a launch. Then you have to park your rig on the side of the road. Now Long pond and Comet have excellent launch's and are decent trout waters.
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          Congamond was stocked yesterday by CT Officials. Mass has yet to stock it.


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            Some of the waters listed above are still frozen or partially frozen and not fishable. Went by Fort Pond yesterday and thought it would be open enough for fishing but had my hopes turn down by ice at the boat ramp. What a waste of my time I'd rather be fishing and not catch anything than not wetting a line.
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              is southpond close to being open now ?


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                Jeeps, correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't most of Wallum lie within Massachusetts? I would think if this is the case that Mass regulations would apply.


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                  Originally posted by buffermop
                  Jeeps, correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't most of Wallum lie within Massachusetts? I would think if this is the case that Mass regulations would apply.

                  Nope, about 2/3rds of the lake are in Rhode Island. We have to put up a sign stating the waters are closed at the boat ramp. The Mass line is right about 100 yards beyond the point after the state beach. It's also listed as a RI water in your abstracts.

                  Both MA and RI stock the lake. MA stocks the Bows and Salmon, RI stocks browns. We get a couple Tigers thrown in there as well.

                  3 more weeks and i'll be back in Sturbridge for the summer, running the state campground.